May 1, 2023

At the Writers Workshop Saturday I yakked with Brian for a few minutes before the meeting started. He’s a Brit trying to get his memoirs written about his adventures working in many different places around the world, now retired from his job as a technical writer at QAD here in Santa Barbara. He’s in his 70s.

QAD Inc. “provides enterprise resource planning software and to manufacturing companies with customers in over 100 countries around the world.”

Brian said it is a hard thing for him to break out of the requirements for technical writing and put emotion and action into his writing. He said it must be similar for me–trying to break out of adbiz writing.

No, I said, I’ve always tried to use the same rules for everything I write. Good ad writing is good writing, first and foremost.


I signed up for Chat-GPT-4 ($20/month). Maybe I can figure out something to do with it. Maybe I can use it to write blog posts. 

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Battling Elementor

Today I’m battling Elementor, the website builder overlay for WordPress. I need to fix my problem with headers. I have two different angles of attack

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June 9, 2023

A local Santa Barbara web design shop asked me for a bid on a copywriting project. I looked at their site to see what they

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June 1, 2023

First thing every morning, I go to my Google Analytics account to see which pages on my site were visited yesterday. Today I saw that

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