Google Analytics Update 2

     Google Analytics did not report any visits to my Seymour Duncan pages.

      Huh. I wonder what I did wrong. Maybe it takes Google a couple days to look at my pages out of the hundred billion visits to web pages every day.     

      Searching around, some advice is to put the Analytics code first thing after the <head> HTML code. That’s what I did yesterday and no hits were counted.      

       I tried using the Chrome Tag Assistant but by the time I learned how to open it, I found out it was a deprecated legacy version, sigh.      

       Poking around at length, I discovered that the Seymour Duncan page hits were being recorded, all right, it’s just that they are not showing up in the reports. I’m still fumbling around trying to find out how to generate a report, and Analytics wants to show me the 23,903 different reports it can generate but won’t tell me how to find the report I want.

            Well, that’s enough of that for today. The Analytics code is working that I placed directly after the <head>. I can continue placing it into my old HTML pages and eventually I’ll find out how to view reports of the visitors.