After all the frenzy of switching to the m1 Mac Mini, I’m slowly revving down from geek mode into normality with the new computer.

I’m planning my re-entry into the Santa Barbara web production marketplace. I’m a resource for web shops that don’t have a copywriter on staff.

But it’s wrong for me to think that way. I can’t re-enter because I’ve never been in the Santa Barbara web-production marketplace.

I was in the Santa Barbara adbiz thirty years ago and knew all the ad agencies and graphic design shops in town.

Then I went to Silicon Valley, and in semi-retirement I moved back to Santa Barbara just before the onset of the Pandemic.

Now here in the aftermath of civilization I’m trying to find a way to make my particular set of skills available to people.  

It’s a time to re-assess my place in the universe, and the state of the universe itself.