Who is Colin Campbell?

I’m colin@colin.org, a domain I have maintained for 24 years. (I asked for colin.com back in 1995 but they gave me colin.org.)

I mention this only to let you know that I’ve been around for a while. I was already an experienced copywriter, creative director, and graphic designer when the Personal Computer era began.

 Bought my first personal computer with the check I got from the UCSB Computer Engineering Department for writing a recruitment brochure for them. A few years later I became entranced with the graphics capabilities of the second generation of Macintosh computers and bought a Mac SE and a LaserWriter. The vector of my life changed as I learned Pagemaker and Word and Illustrator and Photoshop. I moved to Silicon Valley and did a lot of digital graphic production gigs  through Mac Temps in the Quark/Photoshop/Illustrator segment.

I became immersed in the upsurge of Silicon Valley. I published one of the first online e-zines (https://www.swagazine.com/issues.html) and hung out with other e-ziners, and with hackers who coalesced into The Cult of the Dead Cow.

I bought my domain in 1995 and learned HTML to make my own websites, and then learned CSS. I became an early adopter on the web and virtually everything I’ve done since then has been on the web. I became Webmaster for a Silicon Valley electronic tool company, as a contractor, and wrote tons of content for Walmart.com, besides freelance work for many other clients.

Now I’m semi-retired in Santa Barbara. I wander around on the web and  see lots of technical and industrial sites that could benefit from some professional copywriting.