If it’s readable, it will work better.

For technical products, should advertising text be readable?

Hardly anybody ever reads advertising copy, even if it is the very best. So why go to the effort of making it readable?

Some people think the idea of “readability” is a concession to morons, a dumbing down, an insult to the seriousness of their corporate intentions.

In baseball they tell you, “Swing hard in case you hit it.” I make it readable just in case somebody besides a ‘bot actually tries to read it.

Readable text makes it easy for visitors to quickly understand what your site is offering.

If your technical product has an advantage over the competition, the best way to market it is with a clear explanation in plain language. Everybody prefers clear explanations.

I start with an attitude of throwing the company wide open for inspection, of making an effort to explain the company rather than expecting the outside world to make the effort. I give you a fresh look, a clear window into the company that invites response. I can make any company interesting to an outsider.