Copywriting for menubars? Yep.

I was researching something else and came across these two tech companies with diametrically opposed menubars.  One is so completely generic that you cannot get the slightest glimmer of what it is that they do.

Sangfor presents zero information about themselves in the menubar. It’s up to the visitor to want to press in further to find out if this is the kind of company they’re looking for.

The other company gives you plenty of info in their menubar:

These guys let you know a lot about themselves from the get-go. They are not wasting your time with generics.

My hobbyhorse is: information transfer.  Every aspect of a  page should transfer knowledge about the client into the visitor’s brain as fast and easy as possible.

(These are examples I found while prowling around on the Web, not anything I created. I have never had any connection with either company.)

Some companies say, Oh, we’re so huge and multifarious, we do so many things, we can’t be fairly represented by any one item.  But if you look at the landing page of the biggest company in the world, they’re able to cram every product line into their menubar.