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New TorrLube home page

My latest project in my return to Santa Barbara is a revamping of content for TorrLube, makers of a specialty high-vacuum lubricant. (

Their existing home page reveals virtually zero information about the company. I interviewed the upper echelon of TorrLube employees and created a proposed new home page (right).

My version makes clear the reasons that they are the unrivaled leader in high vacuum lubricants.


Hi Colin,
I am very impressed with the draft you created. I think you did a great job highlighting the differences between TorrLube and the competition. The copy is really good.

I also like how you touched on TorrLube history with Sputtered Films and I think you did a fantastic job illustrating how the distillation process separates out the narrow band of high performance molecules.

Overall, I think the page looks great. Very well done!

Jason Floyd
Marketing Director
The TorrLube Company