Web writing

Web sites I've made

Simple, informational sites for business.

I've created several small informational sites, including all the HTML and CSS coding.

The Zircon site wasn't so small, with over 300 pages. I was the sole person involved in the site as a part-time contractor for eight years.

I met the owners of the Santa Ynez Solar site and interviewed them for one hour, and then created this rough draft for their new site.

I toured the grounds of Saratoga Stables one day, came back another day with some extra lenses for my camera, and soon had their small site up and running.


Web copywriting

I've written content for several major Web sites.

I've been writing sales literature for companies for a long time. I go at it the same way I did in the print universe: convey facts to the potential customer in as interesting a fashion as possible.