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San Luis Obispo County
Archaeological Society

I met with the Society's board of directors on a Tuesday afternoon. They told me they needed to update their flyer to add the Lion Dance team. They gave me their proposed flyer and I revised and expanded it considerably and delivered it to them for distribution on Thursday.

This was their existing flyer:

original flyerI analyzed the text and pictures and arranged them into groupings that the eye could easily grasp. I found a picture showing the faces of a man and a child screening soil. I made a map and added it. I found a photo of the Cal Poly Lion Dance Team. The original flyer had an unreadable version of their logo at the top; I made a clearer version and displayed it larger at the bottom of the page.

I worked on this project with Board member Christina MacDonald (

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Annual Meeting flyer

On Friday, February 24, Board member Christina MacDonald emailed me with text for the flyer. I created the flyer in InDesign and by noon Christina approved it, and I inserted it into their Divi-themed WordPress site.

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