My old iMac wasn’t really that bad, but Apple’s new system-on-a-chip computers are a turning point in technology and I wanted to get aboard.

It’s the 16th Macintosh I’ve bought in 34 years.

The graphics card and the memory and the central processing unit are all on the same chip and they intertwine far faster than the previous Intel chips.

The next software advancements will depend on the Neural Engine.

It took me a month and a half to get through all the necessary changes. Re-arranging the office to make room for the new toy. Learning a raft of new apps and a new operating system, macOS 11 Big Sur, two iterations newer than what I was running on the iMac.

All of my 32-bit apps had to be replaced. Other apps had to be updated to operate under Big Sur.

But my major apps work just fine with Big Sur–Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Cloud.

And now everything is  set up for my next round of projects.