About Colin


I live in Silicon Valley. I've been creating ads and brochures for business for thirty years. I like to learn about companies and my enthusiasm percolates into the text I create.

I've been doing graphic production since I was a kid. My father was a lettering man and calligrapher and type designer (he designed the Cadillac logo) and I grew up as slave labor helping to produce silkscreen prints.

My first job out of college was at a regional Sears center doing graphic production for dozens of full-page newspaper ads every week, as well as copywriting.

I bought my first Macintosh and a LaserWriter in 1987 and became absorbed into Pagemaker and Illustrator and later Photoshop when it was introduced. I also got into BBSing in 1987 and began producing an on-line magazine in 1989.

I did contract graphic production and desktop publishing in the Bay Area through the 1990s working through Aquent (nee MacTemps).

I began my own Web site in 1995 and since 1999 virtually all my work has been on-line.

I was the Webmaster for Zircon from 1999 to 2007 as a contractor, doing not just the writing but also all the HTML and graphics. 

I also wrote text for Wal-Mart.com.

Ardent baseball fan (SF Giants)
Science fan
Daily bicycler

Fiction and Articles

Colin reads a lot

When I was Associate Editor at Santa Barbara Magazine, I wrote ads as well as magazine articles because a service the magazine offered was free copywriting for advertisers.

That led to more ad and brochure work, and that led to a job writing print, radio, and TV on the Dodge account at BBDO Detroit for a couple of years.

Then I returned to California to be a freelance copywriter.