Pronouns and facts help visitors keep reading.

I've written in first person for several clients. Seymour Duncan knows everything about electric guitar pickups, for instance, and in the campaign I wrote, he's the one talking to you in all the ads and brochures.

It allows for natural use of pronouns in sentences, which increases readability levels. It's the ultimate in one-on-one communications.

First person narration encourages a welcome familiarity that engages the reader. It has a compelling immediacy, but it's not appropriate for every client.

What is appropriate for every client is conversational text filled with information.

Seymour Duncan Guitar Pickups.

I wrote a long-running campaign in first person as Seymour, explaining why each of the pickups gave a unique sound because of their inner construction.

Alvarez Guitars, Banjos, Violins and Mandolins

For this 32-page catalog I created a composite person who speaks in first person and shows you how to inspect a stringed instrument to determine its quality.



Brooks Institute of

I wrote in first person as the President of the school, and also as an eager young student.