Stories from Swagazine

The Santa Barbara bulletin-board (BBS) network generated an on-line magazine in 1989.  The name of the ‘zine changed a lot, and finally became SWAGAZINE.

I was publisher of the first four issues, delivering a printed copy to each contributor.

Jim Clark took over publishing and began Lip Think Press which published the next eight issues.

I wrote ten stories for the ‘zine through its final issue in 2001.

Old Al  (2001) 8,700 words

Full Earth (1999) 4,800 words

Moire (1998) 7,400 words

Time Babe (1997) 5,600 words

We Are Here To Heal You (1996) 3,200 words

The Girl of the Month Club (1995) 9,300 words

Nausea Pistol (1992) 4,300 words

Sungone (1991) 2,300 words

Gladiator Prison (1990) 3,400 words

Cosmic Charlie (1989) 3,400 words