18 reasons why I’m better than an AI text generator.

18 reasons why I’m better than an AI text generator.      Or some number.      AI can’t stick to the subject. It meanders off into the wild blue yonder. It remains trite and simplistic. Like Eliza, it spends a lot of wordage repeating your question back to you in cumbersome grammatical structures. It’s a chore […]

DALL-E Whales

DALL-E Whales One problem is that AI does what it wants, not what you want. I asked AI image generator DALL-E to create  “a photo-realistic image of a pod of whales surfacing near Stearns Wharf, Santa Barbara.” It created a couple images and told me, “A photo-realistic image depicting a pod of whales gracefully surfacing […]

Google Analytics update 2

Google Analytics Update 2      Google Analytics did not report any visits to my Seymour Duncan pages.       Huh. I wonder what I did wrong. Maybe it takes Google a couple days to look at my pages out of the hundred billion visits to web pages every day.            Searching around, some advice is […]

Google Analytics update

Google Analytics update I’ve started a project to update the Google tracking code to the 3,500 pages on my site. The pages already have my tracking code but Google switched to a new code and now I have to manually change the code on each and every page, sigh. I started with my campaigns for […]

Copy-Driven Design

Copy-driven design. My most successful brochures (and ads) have been the ones in which I analyzed the company/product and then arranged the information in sequences and gave the art director thumbnails of what should go where, what attributes should be illustrated, etc. I give the art director a strong foundation to build on–and the result […]

Print Brochures

Print Brochures In the dark ages before the Internet, I wrote a lot of brochures as a freelance copywriter. I was also creative director on most of these projects. Abex Aerospace Santa Barbara Zoo

Information vs. Information Technology

     I’m reading a Substack page by Donald Jeffries. He says, “My old industry, Information Technology, is being taken over by H-1B Visa workers, mostly from India.”      That’s something that everybody knows, but it made me realize that “information technology” has been reduced to “I.T.” in everybody’s vocabulary. The IT Department is devoting to […]

Old Al

Old Al Zoom in on the California Federal Home for the Elderly Learning Disabled. It is a hundred stories high and shelters twenty five thousand seniors. There were no windows on the black surface of the structure, but vandals some years ago painted circles and lines in white on one side, forcing the eye to see […]

Full Earth

Full Earth     I never know which is worse during Full Earth: being alone or being with people. Either way is hazardous. When I first came to the Moon I thought all the “Full Earth” stuff was bullshit, but now I know better.      So when Judy Hralt called me and invited me out on the day […]


Moire     Jason Voz bicycled through the deserted campus of UC Santa Barbara, threading his way among the palm trees toward the Marine Sciences Lab. It was a brutally hot day in August– the forgiving coastal fogs of early summer were gone. Swirling dust added grit to the sweat dripping into his eyes. The bicycle path […]