SlingSam 1.6

Slingship Sam chapter 6 Prologue Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6      “Good morning, Sam, it’s time for you to get up. We will return to periapsis in thirty five minutes.”      There’s no morning in space, just a clock setting. Astronauts in the old Space Station in low-Earth […]

SlingSam 1.5

Slingship Sam chapter 5 Prologue Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6      Sam woke in darkness. His head hurt. He was floating in zero gravity, and that was not good. The interior of the spaceship was dark, lit only by the stars and the dim reflection from low-albedo asteroid […]

Anne Hedonia

 Anne Hedonia A memoir by Colin Campbell2,710 words      I didn’t know that Anne had died until I saw a notice in the classifieds that her condo in Montecito was in foreclosure. My first emotion was schadenfreude: hah, she couldn’t keep up with the payments! But it turned out that she stopped making payments because […]

Bahamian Rhapsody

Bahamian Rhapsody, a short story by Austin I Pullé  2,860 words            Betsy’s return after a week’s absence delighted Luke. The beautiful green Anna’s hummingbird was feeding from the red feeder replenished with the sugar fluid filled by Luke earlier that morning.  As Luke watched, Cicero, his neighbour’s Siberian, come through the fence, its intent […]

I Never Liked the Night, v2

I Never Liked the Night second draft of a story byLisa Marciano1,140 words I never liked the night. It was too quiet. And dark. When bedtime approached, a dread would wash over me and I would beg my parents, “please, please, don’t make me go to bed!” My dad, who was always on my side, […]

Mr. Blondo

Mr. Blondoby Colin Campbellsecond draft   2,059 words      I never met a billionaire until my niece married one.      The reception was up in Mission Canyon at the Rockwood venue of the Santa Barbara Women’s Club. The ballroom was mostly empty; a couple workmen were setting up a 16-foot TV screen on the stage. Outside […]

I Never Liked the Night

I Never Liked the Night by Lisa Marciano1,156 words I never liked the night. It was too quiet. And dark. When the sun moved below our back fence, I knew bedtime wouldn’t be far away, and the dread in my stomach would begin. “Pajama time,” my mom would say so nonchalantly. I felt as though […]

Monument Garden

Monument Garden by Austin I Pullé 1,420 words Evan Meredith brushed off the snowflakes off his black hoodie. His mother, Anabel, wore a pair of Guess jeans and a fur coat. She looked like the heiress-model that his father married twenty-five years ago. He noticed the lone cardinal perched on the “Private Property – No […]


4-6-24Slingship Sam the Asteroid Man, a novel by Colin Campbell 3-1-24Anne Hedonia, a memoir by Colin Campbell 2-26-24Bahamian Rhapsody, a story by Austin I Pullé 2-12-24I Never Liked the Night, a second draft by Lisa Marciano 2-2-24I Never Liked the Night, a story by Lisa Marciano 2-2-24 Monument Garden, a story by Austin I Pullé […]

Cold and Heartless

Cold and Heartless a song by singer/songwriterEden Baker I gave you my heart for freeDidn’t ask anything for meWell that might be a lieThere’s just one thing that IWanted I gave you my heart for free Only wanted one thing for meAll I asked in returnWas that you gave me a turnWith yours You took my heartAnd […]