Captain’s log, star date Gregorian calendar

Approaching planet Earth with a newly refurbished website. Huh, I Googled “log” and the first hit is: “natural logarithm.” I would have expected the first definition to be “a long piece of a tree trunk.” Yes, in the dictionary.  The second definition is the one we’re looking for: 2. Log (Nautical)a. A device trailed from […]

I wrote a new story

Had a sudden new idea for a sci-fi story and it kept me up late the other night. I’ve only had this happen a few times before… I jotted down the idea and went to bed, and the idea kept popping back up with further ramifications and I kept having to get up and write […]

Google Search site transfer verification is now 12 pages in WordPress, plus 2,396 of my previous pages that I wrote in HTML/CSS. Ever since I transferred to a new host away from GoDaddy, I haven’t been getting many visitors to my old pages. Nothing personal, it wasn’t that Google decided I was no longer worth searching. It was my […]

I ditched GoDaddy

Earlier this year was red-flagged for not being secure. I’ve been running for 25 years as a portfolio site displaying my previous projects. Security was never an issue in the past. But times change and these days you need an SSL certificate. My internet service provider was GoDaddy. They said they could add […]

Coping with my new computer

My old iMac wasn’t really that bad, but Apple’s new system-on-a-chip computers are a turning point in technology and I wanted to get aboard. It’s the 16th Macintosh I’ve bought in 34 years. The graphics card and the memory and the central processing unit are all on the same chip and they intertwine far faster […]

I’m still here.

Okay, so here I am with a new computer and a new webpage and sticking my head up out of the Pandemic hole to look around at the disrupted terrain. The economic niche where I used to get all my work no longer exists.

I bought a new computer.

I bought a new computer. Macintosh “Mini” with Apple SIlicon m1 System -on-a-chip, 16gb memory, 512gb internal SSD Here’s my new office setup with the m1 Mini running three monitors, plus my Late 2015 iMac as a sideboy. The Mini is next to the speaker.

<b>I looked at a tech site</b>

At the Lean Startup Circle meeting last week in downtown Santa Barbara I talked with a guy who works at Evidation. We didn’t talk about the company, but I looked at the site to find out what they do. “Radically changing medicine” is the only thing on their landing page, except for generic menubar items.  I […]

<b>Want people to read about your new innovation?</b>

I look at the sites of technology companies and see ponderous blab that doesn’t get to the point. It wastes people’s time. Sites full of text that’s a waste of space, text that does not reward a visitor’s time. There’s no regard for the visitor’s time. You’re expected to hunker down and study hard because […]

<b>If it’s easy to read, people will read it. </b>

Even super-intelligent people prefer text that is easy to read. It’s not a matter of “dumbing it down.” It’s a matter of simplifying the information into a coherent sequence. In today’s short-attention-span universe, people won’t bother with text that is hard to read. Colin can make your text plain, simple, clear, and factual. And then […]