Graphic Production


I did Macintosh graphic production work for these San Francisco Bay Area companies in the 1990s working as a contractor through Aquent.

I've been involved in graphic production most of my life--my father was a typographer, and I started setting type at his shop as a teenager. My first job after college was in the production department of an in-house Sears ad agency that created 300 full-page newspaper ads a week.

I did layout and pasteup at Santa Barbara Magazine for a few years in the hot wax era, and I was a whiz at press-type. Then I bought a Macintosh and a laser printer in 1987, and that was the end of wax and press-type.

I'm proficient in Photoshop, InDesign, Quark, and Illustrator, and I can keyboard 90 words a minute.

I currently own this graphic production equipment.