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Ghost blogging:
First-person text for clients.

I haven't actually written a blog yet, but in the print days I wrote for clients in first person many times. Seymour Duncan knew everything about electric guitar pickups, and he's the one talking to you in all the ads and brochures.

First person narration encourages a welcome familiarity that engages the reader. Immediacy. It allows for natural use of pronouns in sentences, which increases readability levels. It's one-on-one communications.

I do it by intereviewing and researching, and making sure that what I say is exactly what the client wants to say. And I make what the client says, interesting.

Seymour Duncan Guitar Pickups.

I wrote a long-running campaign in first-person as Seymour, explaining why each of the pickups gave a unique sound because of their inner construction.

Alvarez Guitars, Banjos, Violins and Mandolins

For this 32-page catalog I created a composite person who speaks in first person and shows you how to inspect a stringed instrument to determine its quality.

Brooks Institute of

I wrote in first person as the President of the school, and also as an eager young student.