We get 300 days of sun a year in the Santa Ynez Valley.

Solar power makes sense here.

Over the years we've installed 00 systems ranging from agricultural pumping stations to fully powered grid-independent homes. We've helped another 00 do-it-yourselfers install their own systems.

We started by installing a solar system at our own business site, Windhaven Glider Rides at the Santa Ynez Airport, a dozen years ago. It still works great. We use it for power tools and a microwave, and a TV for screening glider videos. It's a stand-alone system because we're nowhere near the grid.

We know the different models and types and capacities of solar panels that could be adapted to your particular situation. And we know the proper angle for rack-mounted panels in the Santa Ynez Valley is 00.00°.

We live right here in the Valley. If anything goes wrong with your system we'll fix it.

Gary Gordon and Carolyn Morthole, partners in SYV Solar, at a recent installation for a remote well site at Rancho San Fernando Rey. A solar-powered pump fills the water storage tank either by timer or remote command.

Run your power meter backward.

Grid-tied solar-power installations are the easiest to install, the most efficient—and least expensive. A grid-tied installation can make your power meter run backward on sunny days. You could even get checks from the power company!
The downside of being grid-tied is that when the power goes out, you go out, too.