my brother’s messengers

by Pilar Montes


my brother, lies between life and death

foreboding the end is near

desperately want a sign, a message


my brother’s messengers are birds


caw, caw

   caw, caw, caw

       what a ruckus!


crows frantically darting to and fro

caw, caw



frenzy continues … 15 minutes


a high-pitched haunting scream – a bird of prey

  then shallow screeches


crows disperse

   battle over

       foe defeated


my brother

   the warrior bird of prey

      fighting to stay alive


       illness prevails



   seeking peace,  I walk along a hillside




black turkey vultures flock and soar

     performing a solemn ballet


calming and quiet


perched nearby

   a large gray turkey vulture looks at me

  ‘hello old fellow’

   he acknowledges me


my brother

  the large gray ‘old fellow’


  farewell  in peace