Castaway Teddy     by Pilar Montes 

A little disheveled stuffed animal
       was sitting in the corner on a lifeguard tower

Despite being
       weathered, waterlogged, and wearing a seaweed wrap
      the little Teddy Bear was a beacon of cuddly cuteness

I wanted to know
       the Castaway Teddy’s story

Teddy Bear – cast adrift
       forgotten on the beach and picked up by the rising tide?
       accidently fell overboard?
       decided to go on an ocean swim?

Teddy Bear – child’s companion
       where does he belong?
       who is missing him?
       are they still looking for him?

Teddy Bear – on the high seas
       was he tossed by waves and the current?
       or did he go swimming and surfing?
       did he make friends?
             with fish, seals, turtles, dolphins?

Teddy Bear – cast ashore
      did the tide and seaweed bring him ashore?
|       was he rescued by the lifeguard?
             and then gently put on the lifeguard tower?

Castaway Teddy
       why was he so endearing?
       he reminded me
             of a fond childhood memory
             the love and imaginative play
                   with my own beloved Teddy

Teddy Bear
       Where are you now?