BIG Dreamers – The Story: 

by Jeff Reiss

1998, Jeff is a battered environmental entrepreneur. Over the last twenty+ years, he’s risked everything to advance his creative, visionary and eco-business interests, raising the bar on each challenge with greater and greater financial risk. Roy, the drywaller, moved into the back room at Jeff’s house.

Roy created a simple brilliant invention manifest as a tool for the drywall industry that mixed drywall dust to generate bubbles to capture drywall dust on construction sites. Jeff’s perspective and experience in solar energy, construction, manufacturing and starting new businesses, lead him to believe in the powerful potential of Roy’s invention. Jeff’s Life Calling prepared him to do this fantastic BIG thing for the planet. Roy and Jeff partnered. Roy did the inventing, experimenting and patent filings. Jeff ran the business and raised the money for Roy to advance the technology. Roy couldn’t worry about business or money. Jeff would get what Roy needed. Both were all-in with no option but success.

They each worked their own areas of responsibility. They learned, grew, imagined, stepped up and, over time they came to understand how to employ the basic concept of their invention for new applications; improved indoor air quality, public safety and later, how to capture CO2 and other pollution from industrial smokestacks. If it works for one smokestack, it will work on any smokestack in the World… This is BIG!!! This is HUGE!!! They were switched ON, Stoked and Enthusiastic!!! Their creative energy and visionary brainstorming became intoxicating, and they were just naïve enough to believe, that together, they could pull IT off!!! They would learn what they needed to learn and gain allies by diligently plowing forward believing in their BIG Dream, BECAUSE the World NEEDS This Invention!!!  Now the challenge, “How do you take a technology ‘idea’ in the mind of one person and make it a reality, and to make it more difficult to succeed, it must be done globally”.

Theirs was an ideal partnership because Roy and Jeff are polar opposites. By doing their own jobs well, they supported and raised each other up. Roy found the technical answers from his reclusive sanctuary working on his computer and building clever very impressive prototypes in his workshop. Roy was an early master of finding information on the internet. He was a craftsman, super smart, detail oriented, a fast learner, frustrated and intense. Roy seldom left his room and never picked up the phone to call anyone about anything. He figured it out on his own and dug deeply into topics that were of interest. He was a keen observer and articulator of science. He became an accomplished “Intuitive Physicist”, some say “Genius”.


Jeff likes people and seems to know everyone on the island. He’s enthusiastic with natural sales skills. He’s visionary, optimistic and purpose driven. Now he’s empowered with his “Mission” to gain support for their fledgling enterprise. Timing is everything. Jeff and Roy started their business during the early-mid rise of start-up new technology companies, led by the phenomenal successes of start-ups in Silicon Valley in the 1990s. Hawaii offered a generous State tax credit to stimulate the beginnings of a “Hawaii High-Tech” industry, and this enabled Jeff to raise the funds necessary to advance development of their invention ($2M 1999-2009, See Peletex Timeline).


This is a Voyage of Discovery centered around inventing and developing an important new breakthrough industrial technology driving the plot, AND it’s about the two main characters, how they grow, stumble forward and figure IT out. They start with a tool for the construction industry, “Vac-U-Sand”, knowing that’s the pathway to Bigger and Greater things. It’s a humble course, but the only way forward at the beginning.


Come with us as they navigate the Huge puzzle, finding a few pieces that connect, but without a clear understanding of the BIG picture or how some of those pieces may fit hopefully now, or maybe sometime in the future???


A few of the highlights, turning points, roadblocks, pivots, bullet dodges and near-death collisions that all really happened are listed below. We get backed up to the edge with countless “Cliff-hangers” (3,000 feet straight down).


  • Right out of the shoot, it all nearly crashed and burned along with the Twin Towers!!!

If we don’t get that ($180K) order soon, it’s OVER, We’re Done!!!


  • If we don’t get $20 Grand by the end of the month, it’s OVER, We’re Done!!!


  • Evil’s black-hearted mean plot to sabotage early research for his evil take over.


  • Successful Proof of Concept testing of the “backyard contraption” at Sandia National Labs with documented 99.99% capture and kill of live anthrax from an airstream.


  • Named by The Wall Street Journal and The History Channel, “One of the Top Environmental Technologies in 2007”. Slowly gaining more and more credibility.


  • Switching horses in midstream, Indoor Air Quality switch to Wet Scrubbers for Industrial CO2 Capture draws disbelief, criticism and Resignation of the whole team.


  • Mired in the “Valley of Death”, the place where most startups go to die.


  • The $1Million Offer w/ Beartraps, Quicksand, Landmines and “Got-Chas” for a takeover.


Jeff and Roy need to believe and it comes to pass that the right person, and/or the right resource shows up at the right time, often at the last minute. They need to get much smarter fast and there is a continuous sense of urgency. Roy needs to make clear focused technical progress and Jeff needs to reach out to find the right people and keep improving his communication skills. They were able to attract investors and talented professionals who joined in and shared the BIG Dream, each making significant contributions at critical times. This fresh blood helped Roy with project management, data analysis and technology development and they helped Jeff refine and execute the Business Plan until it was handed off for others to lead.


This is a remarkable story about two unlikely heroes, Jeff and Roy, how they overcame HUGE/BIG challenges, risked everything and together accomplished their seemingly impossible BIG Dream that, out of necessity, kept getting BIGGER and BIGGER, until now, inevitably it IS going global. Roy and Jeff, together with the awesome people who contributed to and made it their BIG Dream along the way, have endowed the world with an important new tool for environmental remediation, a valuable gift that will benefit All life on our beautiful planet.

This is the True firsthand story about two naïve apparently normal guys who invent and develop a world changing environmental technology from their backyard that Will Reduce Global Warming, at scale. The technology is scheduled for global deployment later this decade. This new technology will benefit all life on our planet AND it will bring a new toolbox of innovative solutions to solve a myriad of environmental challenges across numerous industries, notably in many of the “Hard to Abate” industries.


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